Why You Should Always Brush Your Teeth

When a five-year-old first picks up the toothbrush, it doesn’t make much sense to him or her – until they’re told, again and again, “Brush your teeth and off to bed!”
Although it is strange to be putting a bristly plastic stick into our mouth every morning, mid-day and night – we do it to maintain healthier teeth and a better smelling mouth. Without maintaining our teeth with regular brushing, we may never get ‘the job’ or even get a kiss on a date. Perhaps that is what the five-year-old doesn’t see yet – ‘Why’.

Not Brushing Leads to Tooth Decay
If you do not brush regularly, a buildup of germs and plaque will gradually lead to unsightly tooth decay, which at first isn’t terrifying. But it can be when you realize it’s too late to stop it and your dentist is concerned.

Tooth decay starts when cavities form, and continue unrelentingly damaging teeth throughout the mouth. It takes a dentist’s work to remove them completely, and if that isn’t enough, more drastic measures can be taken to prevent cavities from enlarging and spreading throughout the mouth.

Bad Breath Makes People Run
Everyone gets it. But not everyone needs to. Bad breath is a culprit when it comes to meetings, dates, parties, and formal occasions. Some people will be forgiving, while others may not be. That unpleasant crowd-scaring mouth odor can be controlled by regular brushing and minor changes to diet, most of the time.

Brushing the tongue may get rid of the pesky odor for a few hours, but germs don’t stop multiplying for anyone. Brushing day and night will help keep cavities at bay, but it is flossing and brushing mid-day that will tone down the bad breath.

Bad Looking Teeth
All the teeth commercials show shining smiling teeth. While not all people are blessed with pearls like that, everyone has a chance to make a difference in their lives in maintaining a healthful habit of brushing their teeth on a daily basis. An experienced, friendly Taylorsville Dentist‘s will help make the most of what you have maintained through the years.

The Easiest and Most Worthwhile Habit to Keep
Tooth decay, bad breath and bad-looking teeth we can all do without. This is why you should always brush your teeth. Do it regularly to prevent the damaging effects of germs running rampant between teeth and gum, causing gum disease. Indeed, it is the simplest and easiest of habits to pick up and it makes all the difference in more than one social and job-related occasion.