What to Ask Your Cancer Doc

When someone is told they have cancer, there is a list of questions that should be asked. It’s important that someone can speak openly to their doctor about their condition, and that the doctor is equally frank with the patient regarding the condition. Whether someone has a cancer doctor in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or anywhere else in the world, the list of questions will be much the same.

What Kind of Cancer do I Have?

This is one of the most important questions that someone can ask his or her doctor when they get the news. Since cancer is sort of an umbrella term for a wide variety of different conditions, it’s important for those who have cancer to know what sort they have, and also where it is. After all, breast cancer is different from stomach cancer, which is different from throat cancer, etc. This is the first thing that someone has to know.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Once a person understands what sort of cancer they have, where it is, and whether it’s spreading and becoming more problematic, the next step is to find out what options that patient has to treat his or her cancer. Everything from surgery and chemotherapy to lifestyle changes and radiation therapy is often on the table, but some forms of treatment might be more effective than others. This will largely depend on what kind of cancer someone has, where it is, how advanced it is, and dozens of other potential factors. It’s important that someone knows all of his or her options, as well as their potential side effects, before committing to one or another in particular.

What Are My Chances?

This is an uncomfortable question, but one that individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer must have an honest answer to before proceeding any further than they already have. The question must also be asked regarding every, individual kind of treatment that someone’s doctor suggests. After all, if a treatment has only a 10% chance of working, then someone might want to reconsider agreeing to that particular treatment.

What Are The Treatment Goals?

Different treatments have different levels of success; not everything is out to cure cancer. Some treatments, for instance, will only control the cancer and make it so that it won’t spread any further than it has. Other treatments will try and reduce the size of the cancer in question. Still others will attempt to completely eliminate it entirely. Depending on the chances, and what the patient is comfortable with, different options must be considered under this light.